DuraDeck & MegaDeck HD Heavy-Duty Access Matting & Temporary Roadways

All Your Questions About Ground Protection Matting Answered

Are You the Manufacturer of DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD?

Yes. Signature Flooring is the world's largest manufacturer of modular and temporary flooring systems in the world. Our DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD systems are shipped directly from our factory and undergo rigorous quality checks. When you buy from Signature, you know you are buying directly from the manufacturing source. We encourage you to always look for the DuraDeck, MegaDeck HD, and Signature names when considering any type of modular flooring or matting system.

Can I Drive and Turn on DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD?

Yes! You can move just about anything you want over DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD mats, even the heaviest machinery, and the panels will not shift, drift, or separate. In our experience you can drive and turn most common vehicles and loads on DuraDeck, including tractor trailers, forklifts, lulls, backhoes, pick-up trucks and other heavy equipment. It is important to note that the weight that DuraDeck will effectively support can vary, depending on the subsurface: extraordinarily soft soil or mud will limit the weight of the load that is able to safely traverse the material. For heavier loads, such as tractor trailer trucks, we recommend linking mat sections together utilizing our rugged metal DuraLink™ or DuraLink™ HD connectors.

What weight can I put on DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD?

We have experience with loads up to 80 tons over grassy fields, sand, and aggregate surfaces. The amount of weight that DuraDeck can support varies, depending on the subsurface density. For example, on deep-mud surfaces some care should be taken when moving heavier loads (15,000 lbs and up on a two to three axle vehicle) and metal links should always be used. Sandy surfaces will support heavy weights, but wider pathways should be considered to prevent sand drift. Contact one of our sales professionals with any specific application related questions. MegaDeck HD can handle compressive loads up to 600psi, which should be more than enough!

How do duradeck and MegaDeck HD protect grass and turf?

DuraDeck protects the turf by distributing weight and preventing rutting and point loading by wheels and equipment. Soil compaction is one of the leading causes of turf damage and DuraDeck helps prevent this by providing a wide footprint (4ft x 8ft) over which equipment can move. Another leading cause of turf damage is wheels and other dragged or moved objects. DuraDeck prevents grass from being "ripped" from the ground. We recommend using optional beige DuraDeck panels in warmer climates or when sections will be laid down for longer periods to help mitigate grass burning and/or the drying out of turf. MegaDeck HD will minimize damage to the ground beneath it by distributing heavy loads and preventing tearing of grass, however it is not sold as a turf protection product.

How Long can I leave DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD down?

We suggest that DuraDeck not be left down continuously for more than 2-3 days on sensitive grass or turf surfaces, though DuraDeck may be left down indefinitely if damage to the grass beneath is not a concern. When damage to grass is not a concern, DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD may be left down for as long as is required to complete your activity. They will not rot, crack, warp, or delaminate and as such is the ideal system for longer term construction projects, drilling projects, or general work activities. For longer projects on important turf surfaces, we suggest removing the DuraDeck during daylight hours every two days, for 1-2 days, to let the grass recover, engage in photosynthesis and breathe.

How much time will it take me to lay and remove DuraDeck?

Most of the time to lay DuraDeck has to do with bringing the material into position for actual installation. Of course, if a full pallet of DuraDeck is located far from an installation site, a lot of time will be used getting material into position. As such, we recommend that DuraDeck be staged as close to the installation location as possible. With material staged it is possible to lay approximately 10 mats (320 sq/ft) with 2 people in about 20 minutes, using the metal DuraLink, and in 10 minutes using the plastic PlastiLink's. We suggest teams that are a multiple of 2 people for greater efficiency in handling the mats. Our rental crews (10 people and a supervisor) generally install about 850 mats in roadway configuration (2-3 wide), using metal links, in one full 8 hour day.

How many DuraDeck and MegaDeck HD panels can be transported in a tractor trailer or a 40ft ISO shipping container?

DuraDeck: About 500 DuraDeck sheets can be loaded in a standard US tractor trailer or 40ft ocean container. The only restriction to loading more material is maximum U.S. over the road weight limits of 80,000 lbs. 500 mats would weigh approximately 43,000lbs and typical trucks weight 20,000 lbs.

MegaDeck HD:


What is the Lead time for DuraDeck?

DuraDeck 1 and 2 are generally available from stock and can be shipped within 1 week. DuraDeck 3 requires a special order and usually takes 4-6 weeks for production. Custom colors are available for 500 mat orders and above and usually take 6-8 weeks for production. Of course, during peak periods or unusually high order volume, lead times may change, so we suggest contacting your Signature representative for current lead times.

Does DuraDeck float?

Yes, DuraDeck has a specific gravity of about 0.96 and as such will be slightly buoyant in water (specific gravity of 1.0). For in-water applications, we suggest anchoring the DuraDeck using the pre-formed holes around the panel's perimeter.

is DuraDeck available in custom colors?

Yes. DuraDeck is available in custom colors on orders of 500 sheets or more. There is an additional charge for a custom color, which varies depending on the specific color required. Please allow 6-8 weeks production time for custom color orders.

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