Temporary Roadways & Oilfield Matting Systems Made From HDPE

Heavy-duty plastic matting for work site protection and oil rig equipment stability

DuraDeck & MegaDeck HD Rigs


All DuraDeck mats are manufactured to the highest standard, using super-strong high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). Each panel is constructed from a solid sheet of molded material, providing greater strength and shear resistance then layered, hollow, or laminated systems. There is no weak spot to break, chip, or separate. DuraDeck mats are chemical and weather resistant and contain UV additives to prevent damage and deterioration from exposure to the sun.

Each DuraDeck panel has a unique integrated tread pattern molded onto both sides, providing traction and stability for nearly any type of equipment, cranes, vehicles, and pedestrians. Place mats over mud, sand, and other soft surface for access, traction, and ground protection.

DuraDeck can handle loads up to 80 tons, depending on the subsurface quality and consistency. For most grass lawns and athletic fields you can comfortably move tractor trailers, cranes, forklifts, staging, generators, and other pneumatic wheeled equipment of up to 80 tons. For muddy and/or flooded areas, sections should be linked with our heavy-duty metal linking systems.

DuraDeck offers several connection options, depending on the type of equipment, loads, and application involved. Each panel has pre-molded connection holes that allow sections to be connected side-by-side or at 90 degree angles to one another. Create temporary roadways, portable work pads, and compound flooring easily with DuraDeck.

MegaDeck HD

MegaDeck HD heavy-duty access mats are built for extreme job sites. MegaDeck HD mats measure 14' x 7.5' and support compressive loads up to 600 psi.These mats provide the perfect base for giant contstruction cranes, yet fit perfectly in standard ISO shipping containers. These oil rig mats create excellent temporary roadways through soggy and uneven terrain, granting large tracked vehicles and equipment access to sites that were never practical before.

MegaDeck HD panels are made from a mixture for High Density Polyethylene Copolymer and a proprietary nano-clay filler that is stronger than any other filler used in composite mats. They feature an integrated molded traction pattern on both sides that allows pedestrians and vehicles to travel temporary roads safely, and tracked vehicles won't get caught. These access mats are non-absorbant, making it easy to prevent cross-contamination between job sites.

MegaDeck HD features a cast aluminum connection system that is every bit as stong as the matting. Easy to use with a simple, standard hex key and no small parts to lose on the job site! Mats are connected to each other along every edge, ensuring a strong connection without any risk of drifting or separating.

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