DuraDeck Matting System Receives Rave Reviews For Different Applications

DuraDeck DuraDeck

Bechtel Corporation Uses DuraDeck mats for Angola Project

"As the Prime Contractor for Angola LNG, Bechtel needed early access to the Project site to establish the temporary infrastructure necessary to support initial construction activities, as well as permanent plant construction. A large portion of the Project's site was reclaimed with marine fill and initial access to the Project site was difficult. Additionally, there were no locally readily available road construction materials for construction of temporary access roads. To expedite the required access to the site, Bechtel elected to utilize the heavy duty DuraDeck matting material for the initial temporary access routes. The photographs included are the first DuraDeck road established for the Project. The DuraDeck material is easily installed and in our case required simple grading of the fill sand to facilitate installation. The temporary access roads constructed for the Project included multiple two lane (24') sections, some over 2000 feet in length, which provided viable access for the Project's initial heavy equipment mobilization including cranes, tracked piling rigs, off-road earthmovers, 40' tractor-trailer rigs, and many other typical heavy construction equipment. The material's use is recyclable and was reused for numerous applications in the early stages of the Project. I would recommend Duradeck for anyone needing a quick, durable, reusable and multi-use matting material for roadways, lay down areas and other uses."

- Mark Benge, Bechtel Field Engineering Manager

A Case Study: DuraDeck provides ground protection during a bridge dismantle project

DuraDeck DuraDeck DuraDeck

The Project

A dilapidated pedestrian bridge In North East England needed to be dismantled. The bridge was surrounded on all sides by soft turf, making access for the necessary heavy lifting equipment problematic. There were also concerns by the borough to protect the ground from undue damage during the dismantling.

A 56-tonne crane and a 30-tonne low loader needed to be positioned alongside the bridge in order to remove it. Before this could happen, though, a temporary platform/roadway strong enough to take the weight was required.

Ideally, the contractor wanted to avoid removing the grass and laying a temporary tarmac surface, as this would have be costly and time consuming. Instead, the contractor wanted to create a heavy-duty platform/roadway that could be placed over the grass to support the weight of the crane, without causing any lasting damage to the grass.

The Solution

The contractor found Signature Flooring's DuraDeckTM ground protection mats. DuraDeck is capable of supporting vehicles weighing up to 72 tonnes and was used here to create a temporary surface across 50 metres of grass next to the bridge.

A separate 20-metre stretch was created to divert traffic over the grass, allowing work and vehicles to keep flowing during the job. The DuraDeck mats proved their environmental benefit - preventing any damage occurring to the soft ground and leaving the turf completely undamaged.

While DuraDeck portable roads can be joined together to form a more long-term surface, they are also effective simply laid side-by-side, allowing large areas to be quickly protected.

Another advantage is that, weighing just 39 kilos each, the resilient high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels can be moved by hand with no need for any further lifting equipment.

Paul Fleming, foreman at Carillion said: "Using the DuraDeck ground protection mats saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort. Without them, we could never have finished the whole job in just one weekend, as preparing the site before starting work and reinstating the field at the end would have been a long-winded process.

"After the protection had been down for five days the only sign it had been there was slight discoloration of the grass – and just two weeks later, this had completely disappeared.

"Not only did the DuraDeck mats allow us to reduce costs by working more efficiently, they also minimised inconvenience to residents of the area." One of Signature's British distributors, Speedy Time, who sold the job to the contractor elaborates, "The key benefit of DuraDeck to contractors is the reduction it offers in job times as well as set-up and clean-up costs."

"An added environmental benefit is that the long-lasting HDPE panels are manufactured using more than 90 per cent recycled materials."

"The dilemma in the construction industry has always been having a product that can be re-usable for protecting floor and ground surfaces that is economical and the least labor intensive to use. It was a great resource to find Signature Systems Group, LLC and their product - DuraDeck - for protecting the clay tennis court surface for a restoration job we are performing on an indoor court arena.

Having a one source contractor, as Signature Systems Group, LLC., to provide and install the DuraDeck protection mats for the court arena restoration job has been a valuable asset in the success of the Tennis Court project. The DuraDeck mats have provided an excellent protective work surface for all of the heavy scaffolding and construction traffic that was used during the execution of the work. In matter of fact, DuraDeck mats have proven to be so successful, other subcontractors involved in the project have inquired for purchase of the "DuraDeck System" for their future needs.


Signature Systems Group, LLC. provided the one-stop solution for an agonizing and labor intensive problem that has plagued our company in the past. I would recommend highly using Signature Systems Group, LLC for any fence or flooring protection needs to anyone needing use of their products."

Mark Davenport Vice President of Operations MariMar, Inc. Peshtigo, Wisconsin


"I love working with DuraDeck mats! The double traction design keeps even my biggest tree spade moving over soft ground. I keep my customers happy by keeping their expensive lawns in good condition. There's no rutting or vehicle damage, even with tremendous weights. I would recommend DuraDeck over anything else I have seen or worked with"

Scott Chronis, Scott Chronis Landscaping and Design - Southampton, NY

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