Temporary Roadways and Access Matting Used for Construction, Drilling, Heavy-haul, Staging, and more

Access Roads & Working Platforms For Long and Short Term Use


DuraDeck ground protection, traction and access mats are perfect for a wide variety of applications and uses. Its super-durable design allows for heavy equipment such a trucks, lulls, forklifts, backhoes, tractors, golf carts, pickup trucks and even tanks.

From the US Open to famous concerts and from large construction sites to the US military and the United Nations, DuraDeck has been used worldwide to provide ground protection, access, and a clean, dry support base for a variety of activities.

DuraDeck ground protection mats have been used to provide access for staging at stadiums, schools, and other facilities and has protected valuable back-yards everywhere.

Due to DuraDeck's unique design, sections can be connected in either direction and on all sides to form large work pads and extended roadways, making this product ideal for all types of projects.

Whether your need is temporary or semi-permanent, DuraDeck's unique plastic construction allows sections to be used virtually anywhere and for nearly any period of time – from 5 days to 5 years and more…


MegaDeck HD

MegaDeck HD large panel access mats and temporary roadways are designed to handle the biggest jobs and the heaviest weights. The ribbed interior, extra-strong composite matting materials, and large panel size distribute more weight over more area, making light of the heaviest equipment including oil rigs and construction cranes.

Designed to solve problems created by other rig mats and temporary roadway systems for professionals in energy, oil, construction, shoring, mining, heavy-hauling, MegaDeck HD offers advanced engineering that is sure to be welcome in any application requiring a strong and stable surface for heavy-duty applications.

MegaDeck HD features 12" overlapping flanges that are easy to align using a single forklift. The flanges nest together and then are locked at several points along every join to prevent drifting and separation of panels. Our over-sized cast-aluminum cam locks are virtually unbreakable and are easy to operate using a standard hex key available at any hardware store.

Panels can be connected in either direction and on both sides, allowing great flexibility in layout design. Panels can be configured into roadways, helipads, runways, rig mats, boneyards, military compounds, shoring mats, construction bases, and much much more!


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