Outrigger Pads & Pole Puller Pads

The Lightest and Most Durable Outrigger and Pole Puller Pads on the Market

The Lightest and Most Durable Outrigger and Pole Puller Pads on the Market

DuraPadTM Outrigger Pads and Pole Puller Pads were born of our experience using inferior competing pads in the field. Unlike other pad designs - which suffer from exposure decay and messy handling, these pads are manufactured to aerial device manufacturers' standards - resulting in longer lasting and easier-to-handle outrigger and pole puller pads.

DuraPad Outrigger Pads and Pole Puller Pads Feature:



DuraPad Outrigger Pads are manufactured from an industrial-grade plastic composite that is impervious to exposure. This means that the material will not break down from prolonged use. DuraPad Outrigger Pads will not absorb chemicals, oil or moisture.

Signature's DuraPad Outrigger Pads are a lighter weight pad (22"x22" pad weighs 15 lbs.) than other pads on the market. DuraPad is designed to have some flex to conform to ground contours without breaking or cracking. Maximum loading capacity of the 1" DuraPad is 40,000 lbs (2" DuraPad can hold up to 80,000 lbs). Once the outrigger pads are off the ground and not being used, they will return to their original shape

DuraPad's multi-directional anti-slip texture on the surface eliminates the slippery surface when covered with snow or water - making these outrigger pads safe to walk on in muddy or wet ground and weather conditions. The multi-directional texture also the user to walk on the DuraPad from any direction.

DuraPad's small design details - squared-off corners and rounded edges - help to make our pad a standout. The squared-off corners maximize surface area. The rounded edges can help break the suction caused by pads being pressed into muddy terrain. The rounded edges are also easier to carry when not being lifted by the handles.

Eliminates Mess

DuraPad Outrigger Pads are designed to raise up when a pad is being pressed into sloppy ground - so you don't have to "get in the mud" to pick them up. Plus, it's a simple matter to hose off the outrigger pads and restore them to like-new condition.

Superior Handle Design

DuraPad's handles are the best in the business. Our handles are made with a coated orange 3/16" galvanized (aircraft-grade steel) wire rope. The coating allows for easier handling. The safety orange color provides visibility, especially in dark conditions - which promotes safety and aids in retrieval.

DuraPad's Outrigger Pad handles are bolted in position which keeps them clear of the outrigger foot, provides protection from wear and allows them to be easily replaced. The stiffness of the handle never fall under the outrigger pads during use. With standard rope (on other pads), the handle has a tendency to fall under the pad and when the outrigger "settles" it will rub and tear away at a rope handle. The wire material will not absorb water, oils, or any other fluids.

Custom sizes available with no minimum orders! Custom logos also available with a minimum order.



12" x 12" x 1"

.30m x .30m x .02m

6 lbs.

14" x 14" x 1"

.36m x .36m x .02m

8 lbs.

18" x 18" x 1"

.45m x .45m x .02m

13 lbs.

22" x 22" x 1"

.56m x .56m x .02m

19 lbs.

22" x 24" x 1"

.56m x .60m x. 02m

21 lbs.

24" x 24" x 1"

.60m x .60m x .02m

22 lbs.

30" x 30" x 1"

.76m x .76m x .02m

34 lbs.

36" x 36" x 1"

.91m x .91m x .02m

50 lbs.

18" x 18" x 2"

.45m x .45m x .05m

23 lbs.

24" x 24" x 2"

.60m x .60m x .05m

41 lbs.

30" x 30" x 2"

.76m x .76m x .05m

64 lbs.

36" x 36" x 2"

.91m x .91m x .05m

92 lbs.

48" x 48" x 2"

1.2m x 1.2m x .05m

163 lbs.


The DuraPad Pole Puller Pad is a new pad designed to be used under the impressive pressure of a pole pulling hydraulic jack.

These new pads are made with the same proven material used in our outrigger pads. The biggest problem facing the user of a pole puller is the jack butt sinking into the ground. For years linemen have been using cut cross arms or outrigger pads to try to stop the sinking. This often results in broken pads, splintered wood, and a buried pole puller. All this causes linemen to avoid using the pole puller, and instead they improperly overload the digger boom, hoping the pole will come out.

Costly repairs, frustration, and safety problems are the likely results of overloading a truck's boom. Signature's new pole puller pads will fi nally break that bad habit. Your crew will be thrilled with its practicality and ease of use, ensuring they will always use the proper tool for the job.

The quality of our pads is second to none. Our pole puller pads are the only ones to include aircraft grade wire rope handles. These handles are then covered for comfort. The surface of all of our utility pads are roughened to avoid slipping on them if stepped on.

Signature Systems Group have gained a reputation for quality and serving our customers' needs. We strive to build products that will last a lifetime. If your DuraPad Pole Puller Pad doesn't last for ever, it's warranty will.



19” x 24” x 1”

.48m x .48m x 5.08cm

15 lbs.

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