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MegaDeck Oilfield Matting & Access Roadways

The Ultimate Oilfield Mats For Serious Ground Protection


MegaDeck is our extra-large, extra-strong, heavy-duty access mat and portable roadway system. Designed specifically for use in the oil, energy, mining, construction, and shoring industries, as well as for disaster relief work and the military.Personnel, equipment, and vehicles (even dozers and other tracked machinery) can traverse any terrain easily, as weigh is distributed across a broader surface area.

Mat: Size: Weight:
Large 14' x 7.5' x 4"
4.2672m x 2.286m x 10.795cm
1,122 lbs
555.5 kg
Small 7.5' x 7.5' x 4"
2.286m x 2.286m x 10.795cm
525 lbs
238.7 kg


Transporting MegaDeck

MegaDeck's large panels (14' x 7.5') fit perfectly in standard ISO shipping containers and are easily manuevered with a single forklift. MegaDeck is also available in small (7.5' x 7.5') panels that can be used with the large panels for greater flexibility in layout design.

MegaDeck mats can be transported in closed vans and ISO containers. Extended forks are recommended for placement of the mats into the container. As fork lift extensions affect truck capacity, please refer to your lift truck manufacturer for a derated capacity, when using extended forks.


Composite Material

MegaDeck composite mats are made from a special blend of High Density Polyethylene Copolymer, proprietary nano-clay fillers, an anti-static additive, and contains a 5 year UV protection package. These materials make stronger composite matting than any other on the market, boasting an impressive 600psi compressive load bearing capability.

Advanced Engineering and Design

A cross-ribbed interior adds strength to the structure of MegaDeck drill and crane mats, while minimizing the weight of the mats themselves. This ribbed structure also houses an optional RFID inventory control chip, which is sealed inside each mat at our manufacturing facility.

MegaDeck portable roadway panels are designed with 12" overlapping flanges that are easily guided into place due to their rounded, nesting edges. The extra-strong locking system is located along these flanges, connecting panels at multiple points to prevent drifting and separation. Heavy-duty cast aluminum cam locks are virtually impossible to break, and use just one simple standard hex key to operate. When panels are aligned, the aluminum locking pin is simply inserted through the two panels, and then locked with a slight twist of the hex key. Easy to read 'lock' and 'unlock' graphics leave no room for confusion.

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