Oil Rig Mats & Access Mats For Oilfields, Shoring, Drilling & Mining

Superior Ground Protection For High Performance Applications

MegaDeck is a large panel access matting system designed to provide stable access and superior ground protection for heavy-duty applications including shoring, construction, drilling, mining, and more. Heavy weights are distributed across a larger surface area, allowing heavy equipment to safely and easily traverse varying ground conditions.

Mat Size:

Large Mat

(consists of two Small mats bolted permanently together):

Actual: 7.5ft x 14ft x 4in / 229cm x 427cm x 11cm

Usable 6.5ft x 13ft x 4in / 198cm x 396cm x 11cm

Small Mat:

Actual: 7.5ft x 7.5ft x 4in / 229cm x 229cm x 11cm

Usable 6.5ft x 6.5ft x 4in / 198cm x 198cm x 11cm


Large Mat: 1,150 lbs / 521.6 kg

Small Mat: 575 lbs / 260.8 kg

Durable Composite Construction

Each 1,150 lb MegaDeck panel is manufactured from a proprietary blend of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and a nanoclay filler exclusive to Signature that is significantly stronger than traditional composite fillers. These extra-strong composite mats also include an anti-static additive and a 5 year UV Package. MegaDeck is made in the USA and is 100% recyclable.

Convenient Sizes

MegaDeck is available in two convenient sizes. Standard Large mats measure 14' x 7.5', the perfect size to fit standard ISO shipping containers. There are larger heavy-duty access mats on the market, but they're too big to easily ship! MegaDeck is the largest heavy-duty access matting system that can be shipped by normal means.

Small 7.5' x 7.5' mats can be used on their own or in conjunction with the large mats, allowing for greater flexibility in configuring your roadway or working platform.

molded traction surface

Both sides of each MegaDeck oil rig mat incorporate a low-profile molded traction surface that improve traction and safety while allowing dozers and other tracked vehicles to traverse wet or muddy terrain.

Convenient Connection System

MegaDeck's simple and sturdy cast aluminum locking system is one of its most impressive innovations. By connecting mats in multiple locations, the unique system enables mats to support tremendous moving weights. Each 14' x 7.5' panel has 8 cam lock locations that help align the mats during installation. The heavy aluminum locking pins are inserted through two nesting panels and are then locked by a simple twist of a 3/4" hex key available at any hardware store. These sturdy cam locks are made even simpler with the addition of "Locked" and "Unlocked" graphics. Other heavy-duty crane mats are connected using complicated systems that use small parts that are easily lost on large job sites and require the purchase of several non-standard tools.

Handles Heavy Weights

MegaDeck can handle compressive loads up to 600psi, making it the strongest temporary roadway and access matting system available!

Out-performs wood and other systems

Unlike wood, MegaDeck will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate and can be power-washed on site to reduce the chance of cross-contamination between worksites: wooden matting systems can absorb chemicals, but MegaDeck is made from non-absorbent HDPE. Wood mats also rot and their highly-porous surface can play host to any number of micro-organisms and insects.

MegaDeck out-performs other composite mat systems as well. Our simpler, stronger connection system, more portable size, and low-profile traction pattern are just the beginning. MegaDeck features nesting flanges with radius edges that make aligning and installing MegaDeck simpler than other large panel systems. What used to require multiple forklifts and a whole team of workers can be accomplished with one standard forklift.

Ribbed interior

MegaDeck mats feature a cross-ribbed interior that helps to distribute loads while reducing the weight of the mat itself.

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