Ground Stabilizing Solutions - SignaTac II

Bind Dust and Control Erosion Near Road Construction

SignaTac II is a unique and superior solution to controlling dust and stabilizing soil. It is designed to bind dust and control ground erosion for traffic and non-traffic areas and can be used as a preparation to build roads, temporary access ways, and work sites over sandy or soft ground conditions.

When applied to the surface or mixed in with any soil, SignaTac II will penetrate and extend down into the soil to create a tough, invisible, non-toxic layer of penetration. When it's dry, SignaTac II binds the soil's particles together by forming a clear, plastic resin bond.

SignaTac II is an acrylic polymer that, as a dried film, is non-toxic to humans and will not harm vegetation. It can be applied lightly to control dust, while still allowing the soil to breathe and absorb water. Applied more heavily, it controls ground erosion to a produce a water-tight coating. Mix SignaTac II with soil to produce a good hard base capable of supporting heavy loads and vehicle traffic. Once it is applied, SignaTac II is simple to touch-up, requiring about 20% more product to maintain it's original efficacy and become even more durable. Typical lifespans range from 12-24 months (ground stabilization) and 12-16 months (dust control), depending on coverage.

SignaTac II has been used all over the world on unpaved roads. It cements the soil particles together, increasing compaction and creating a tough layer of protection. This eliminates dust, ruts, and wash-boarding. It can easily be applied using any mechanism that sprays water and can be applied topically (if good compaction has been established) or mixed in.

SignaTac II is proven to be one of the most cost-effective and best performing dust treatments, in comparison to other materials and water. SignaTac II is approved as non-toxic and environmentally safe.

SignaTac II

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