SignaPlate Composite Trench Covers

The Superior Alternative to Steel Plates

Introducing SignaPlate™, the perfect substitute for traditional steel trench covers. These strong composite plates minimize issues associated with metal plates (such as noise, bulkiness, and weight) while providing equal strength and durability.

Individual sections can easily be moved by two people and locked together using linking brackets. Heavy equipment is not required for installation, and the completed assembly can handle single-wheel loads of more than 97,000 lbs over a 36" trench (U.S. Version).

The plastic road plate surface is finished with an anti-slip tread pattern. The sound-absorbent, ramped edging allows traffic to cross safely and quietly, making SignaPlate great for use in residential areas.

Modular Trench Cover System Replaces Traditional Bulky, Heavy Steel Designs

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Signa plate vs steel plates